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LR-2023-07-17 Anahita Mosayebi 152.jpg

Photo Credit: Vadim Daniel

As an interdisciplinary artist born in Iran, Anahita's work explores the intricate connections between art, craft, and design. Drawing inspiration from architecture, emotions, and the human sensorial experience, she blurs the lines between these disciplines, studying the interplay between control and spontaneity and the elusive balance between accidents and rules through the object-making process. Her interest in exploring these fields has merged through the design and making of daily functional objects as bridges.


Anahita's artistic research currently revolves around the relationship between emotions and sensorial bodily experiences and the tangible elements of objects, textures, sounds, and spaces. Having studied architecture at the Art University of Tehran and pursued a master’s in industrial design at the Iran University of Science and Technology, she has enriched her extensive industry experience as an architect and product designer through her craft practice by pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Alberta University of the Arts. She continuously strives to push the boundaries of her craft and design objects.

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