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Sharing Hallway

Sharing Hallway

This is a renovation project to vitalize hallways in System Group Education Center. The passing hallways, where students will be crowded by students during breaktime, is surrounded by several classrooms. The institute needed an area to display its temporary marketing contents such as testimonials, news, new books and products, schedules etc. Creating a compatible bulletin wall to make an interactive space to seize the student’s attention is the architect’s design solution: permanent wall-mounted metal grids and movable colorful metal panels hung on the grid. Panels are various in color and size and orientation which can be added or removed in case of need or transfer into another grid or used without any paper on it as a colored complementary object in composition. There are also other accessories such as flower boxes and pen holders. In case of demand, more accessories can be designed and added on the grid. 

The panels as a board prepare a ready frame with passe-partout for printed papers to paste containing marketing contents. The installation and replacing the panels are easy enough to be altered on a daily basis and also the data paper pasted on it can be easily updated. They have hung on horizontal lines of metal grids. Two functions of standing and passing areas have separated by linear light and bold colors; passing by and waiting, reading, chatting.

Design - Anahita Mosayebi

Status: Built

Client:  System Group Education Center

Date:   2019

Area:   200 m2

Photo Credit: Siamak Soleymaninezhad

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