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Chahargah, in the Persian language, is a combination of the words for "Four” (Chahar) and “position” (Gah)."  Gah (گاه) is a suffix that can be added to nouns to indicate both position in time and place.

Chahargah is the name of one of the twelve dastgahs or musical modes or scales, of traditional Persian music. Meaning 'pattern' or 'set of directions' a dastgah is a compositional unit, like major and minor in western music, that can change the affect and experience of the piece. It is used as the basis for composition and improvisation. Chahargah incorporates the most varied emotions amongst all the dastgahs, from epic and dancing compositions to sad and fearful ones.

Cool Bin

Production Status: Concept Design
Subject: Product Design
Role: Designer
Material: Fiberglass, Aluminium sheet, ice gel pack
Date: 2017

Odourless trash bin, non-electrical, 2 sets replaceable gel ice packs

Cool-Bin is a non-electrical trash bin that prevents garbage from producing odour in the kitchen by keeping the container cold with replaceable gel ice packs.
Most of the materials used during the day in the kitchen produce a pungent smell after a few hours or minutes before the daily disposal of the trash bin. Cool-Bin keeps the container
and its contents at refrigerator temperature while there is no need for electricity. In every kitchen, a freezer and a small free space can be found for keeping the
backup ice packs and making them freeze while the other set melts slowly in the bin and keeps the container cold. Ice packs are replaced manually and reachable under
the inner annular cap. The outer layer is thick and filled with heat-persistent material. At the same time, the inner container is thin and out of heat-conductor material and also is removable
to place the garbage bag. The ice packs are located between the removable container and the outer body.

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