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Lightened Trauma I

The work comprises three pieces: A porcelain body, plexiglass holders, and a glazed clay tray. The porcelain body has made with a very thin clay slab which was covered by plastic to prevent tearing while making, and is shaped by hand pressing through a 3d printed PLA mould. The plexiglass holders are made by laser-cut to create a distance between two pieces while they are transparent. The distance between the porcelain body and the glazed tray allows us to see the distorted reflection of the inside of the body in the tray.

Photo Credit: Cici Lai

Lightened Trauma series is an interplay of elements of light, translucency, transparency, shadows, and distorted reflection in order to explore my emotions.


Emotions are not an external thing that attaches to us. They are something that happens between us and our environment, between the interior and the exterior. The body lets us feel emotion’s presence, while always changing. Emotions are part of the language of interaction between us and outer entities. It is a bridge that is the key to a connection between us and other people, our environment, and our own memories and thoughts.


Lightened Trauma are lighting objects who frame the mysterious presence of emotions as an interior abstract interaction with outer environment while the light alters the way the solid body of the object is seen. Whether they are experienced in a bright or dark room, or whether they are on or off.

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